jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Melodía de la semana

Cuando amas las ciudades se descubren cálidas y mullidas, las calles y rincones adquieren significados insólitos y el escorzo de una plaza puede erizarte el corazón.

Cuando amas su espacio se vuelve radiante, magnífico... Sólo porque él vive allí...

On the Street where you live
I have often walked down this street before
But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before
All at once am I several stories high
Knowing I'm on the street where you live

Are there lilac trees in the heart of town
Can you hear a lark in any other part of town
Does enchantment pour out of every door
No, it's just on the street where you live

And oh, the towering feeling
Just to know somehow you are near
The over powering feeling
That any second you may suddenly appear

People stop and stare. They don't bother me
For there's no-where else on earth that I would rather be
Let the time go by; I won't care if I
Can be here on the street where you live
Can be here on the street where you live
Can be here on the street where you live

Frederick Loewe y Alan Jay Lerner

My Fair Lady

Bueno, no tiene el magnetismo cultureta del Profesor Higgins pero es que esta canción me encanta y este pretendiente me resulta tan... entrañable...

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